Metal Detecting 101 Basic rules and where to go. blog #3.avi

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  • Author: ChicagoRon Guinazzo


I got an e-mail from Ben in Georgia, asking where were good places to hunt. Here are some of the basic rules of detecting and some ideas of places to go. Upd...

Where to go Metal Detecting for SILVER,OLD CoIns & GoLd Rings in your area.MOV

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  • Author: 219erman


A how to video. For the beginer metal detector hobbiest ,as well as the intermediate and advanced detectorists...Where to go metal detecting for silver coins...

How to Use Google Earth to Find Killer Metal Detecting Sites

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  • Author: The Urban Treasure Hunter


This is a very quick tutorial on how to use Google Earth to find awesome metal detecting sites. It focus on the Time Bar and the "roads" section. I am curren...

Searching For Places To Go Metal Detecting

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  • Author: nuggetnoggin


yesterday i went searching for places to go metal detecting and did a little bit of detecting.

The gear I use to go metal detecting, what to buy or get

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For all to watch, in response to Targetshot2's contest. Just what I've figured out to be the essentials for most if not all my hunts be it fields, woods, my ...

Metal Detecting: You Wanna Go Where?

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  • Author: MentalMetal


A cow standoff almost keeps me and my AT Pro from looking for a Civil War encampment but I managed to fight my way through the line. I didn't find much but w...

Metal Detecting 101; Where to Go and Asking Permission

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We get questions all the time from viewers on how we ask for permission and find our locations. I hope this video helps someone out. You can use your own twi...

Metal Detecting - Where Harmonicas Go To Die.

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  • Author: Tarheel Diggin'


Went back out to "Harmonica Hill" on a beautiful Fall day. Check out the video to see what was found...

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