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ZJemptv: Queen of Atheism

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I shot and edited this piece on popular Youtube user and gays rights advocate ZJemptv in early 2010 for a Magazine Journalism class at Columbia College Chicago. You can read the entire article...

"I'll pray for you"? No thanks!

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Mind control has no place in a debate. Please keep your God off my brain. Video transcript: Music by Kevin MacLeod (

I can't wait for this Rapture!

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"The Biblical evidence is too overwhelming and specific to be wrong." Gay Pride: Planned by God as a Sign of the End

God Has No Plan For The World - ZJemptv

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Sub ZJ here

Discussing Chelsea Manning on CNN's The Lead with Jake Tapper (22 Aug 2013)

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I was on The Lead with Jake Tapper to discuss the Chelsea Manning case and the importance of access to care for trans inmates. Press and media inquiries:

Gender: It's only important when they say it is

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Being a woman also isn't like being Napoleon Alice Dreger on "trans advocates" http://www.thestrange...

One million moms are complete idiots

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"JC Penney Offends Traditional Families Again" Video transcript:

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